Dear Customers,

We are pleased to inform you that VMHaus have acquired its own /24 IPv4 block in London, UK. Over the next month, the IPv4 address for your UK VPS will be reassigned with one from our own blocks.

You will soon receive support tickets from our team in regards to this change.

What is expected to be done during the change?
1) VMHaus will assign a new IP to your VPS via the Control Panel
2) You will receive a notification ticket and email with the details of your new IP address
3) To auto reconfigure your VPS to the new IP address, you will need to perform a reboot from the Control Panel in the Client Area
4) Your VPS will still be using the old IP address until a reboot is performed from the Control Panel
5) Kindly update your domain A Records to point to the new IP address

We are expecting the change to be completed by the last week of June and the old IP will no longer be usable after 1st of July.

We sincerely apologize for and inconvenience caused.


Sunday, June 18, 2017

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